Kachlon at the ballot box
Kachlon at the ballot boxSpokesperson

Finance Minister and Kulanu party chairman Moshe Kahlon voted Tuesday morning at a polling station in the Hebrew Reali School in Haifa, shortly after the polls opened.

At the entrance to the polling station, Kahlon urged Israelis to take part in the election.

“Go out and vote. Make your voice heard. You have four years to enjoy the results of your vote.”

Despite polls showing the party losing half of its strength, falling from 10 seats to five, the Kulanu chief expressed optimism regarding his faction’s prospects.

“Kulanu will repeat its performance from the previous election, no doubt about it. I feel it the atmosphere. This last week there has been a trend, with people returning to Kulanu. They understand who worked for them, and who just worked for themselves.”

“The voters know who dealt with submarines and cell phones,” continued Kahlon, referencing campaign talking points by the two largest parties, the Likud and Blue and White, against one another.

“People know who addressed housing, child savings accounts, the minimum wage, and took care of the Israeli citizen. Don’t sit in your living room, asking why things are happening, why no one is taking care of us and why no one cares for us. Go out and vote.”