Moshe Kahlon
Moshe Kahlon Oded Karni

Finance Minister and Kulanu chairman Moshe Kahlon spoke on Saturday night at a conference in Tel Aviv to summarize the Kulanu campaign, attended by 1,500 supporters.

Kahlon said that in the past three weeks the public has begun to understand what the Kulanu party did in the outgoing government.

"All the social values ​​we grew up on are in danger. Disability pensions are in danger. And they're already planning to drop them. In Eilat they want to cancel VAT exemptions. Day care centers, the price per occupant plan, everything is in jeopardy. What bothers them about the fact that there are thousands of happy couples?" he asked.

"These are fateful elections and I do not recognize an imminent diplomatic decision. Peace is not at hand. These elections are not about Gantz’s phone or Bibi’s submarines. Listen carefully, these elections are about the heart and soul of Israeli society. In these elections, the question will be asked whether it is possible to form a government without compassion, without values ​​and sensitivity,” continued Kahlon.

He warned against Moshe Feiglin's Zehut party, saying, "The State of Israel is going to a government of social and economic cruelty. A person who is willing to say that he is going to cancel the allowances for the handicapped, we will not allow this to happen. I declare here and now, I have a commitment to the public and if, God forbid, Feiglin will be Minister of Finance, Kulanu will not be in this government.”

"These elections have been decided; the rightist nationalist camp will form the next government. Imagine such a government without us,” said Kahlon.