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The Foreign Ministry's management approached the State Prosecutor's Office Thursday to file a motion for a restraining order following a decision by the workers' committee to freeze the transfer of polling stations with which the Israeli diplomats abroad voted.

"The request for an injunction is intended to enable all the public emissaries abroad to exercise their democratic right to participate in the elections. In addition, this step is intended to prevent members of the committee or any party on their behalf from delaying the transfer of the ballot boxes to their destination for the commission of a criminal offense to which they will be held accountable," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Earlier, the workers' committee announced that it did not intend to handle the ballot boxes that had already been transferred to Israel for counting.

"In response to the unilateral measures taken by the Ministry of Finance against Foreign Service employees, Foreign Ministry employees today announced a freeze on the handling of Israeli polling stations that voted in the sand a week ago. Thousands of voting envelopes have been locked in the warehouse until the Finance Ministry stopped trying to invent strange and unrealistic procedures and regulations," the workers' committee stated.

"We call upon the Prime Minister, the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Finance, the Knesset, to enter into the depth of the matter and to fulfill the commitments made to the employees of the Foreign Service of the State of Israel."

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