Bennett and Smotrich
Bennett and Smotrich Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

The Likud is planning to hold a large rally this Sunday in Paris Square in Jerusalem, to which all the leaders of the right-wing parties have been invited.

Kan 11 News reported on Wednesday that, after realizing that the keynote speaker would be Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, the leaders of the New Right and Union of Right-Wing Parties decided not to take part in the rally.

According to the report, it is believed that the reason for the decision is that both parties still remember well the right-wing rally that took place in Rabin Square before the previous elections, immediately after which Netanyahu succeeded in transferring seats from the other right-wing parties to the Likud.

Sources in the New Right also expressed concern over a potential aggressive campaign by the Likud against their party in the two days before the elections, in an attempt to have them finish as close to the electoral threshold as possible.

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