Haggada of Passover
Haggada of PassoverISTOCK

Passover is a time of age-old tradition, starting from the beginning preparations of cleaning and cooking up until the very end of this week-long holiday. Handmade matzah, your grandmother’s potato kugel recipe, and the Seder plate you’ve had for decades are just a few of these traditions, but it does not mean some of these traditions can’t be changed. You may not realize until it is too late that your Haggadahs are now missing pages and that your Seder plate isn’t as shiny as it once was, so with this opportunity, why not bring something a bit more modern to the table for this ancient ritual.

Seder plates are obviously the centerpiece of the Passover Seder as they hold symbolic foods that help tell the story of the exodus from Egypt. Upgrade this piece of Judaica with something more contemporary; switch out your classic circle Seder plate for a rectangular or oval Seder plate, or even a matching set of bowls or small plates. Just don’t forget to choose something with color! Passover also marks the beginning of springtime in Israel and having a Seder plate to reflect this seasonal shift has become quite the trend in Israel. The classics will always be there, but a modern Seder plate can bring a refreshing look to your table.

Passover Seder Plate - Jerusalem. Armenian Ceramic
Passover Seder Plate - Jerusalem. Armenian Ceramicjws

Buying new Haggadahs, the Passover Seder guide read from cover to cover is an easy way to spice up your table. Doubling as a prayer book and used throughout the holiday, they contain Birkat HaMazon and Kiddush for Shabbat Pesach. Whether it be just for yourself or the whole table, it is a way to bring new opinions and stories at the table, as many new Haggadahs offer a fresh insight into the Pesach story from modern day Rabbis. There are even options that will keep the curious and inquisitive minds of children interested in the long Seder, as many Haggadahs have beautiful pictures and engaging content for all ages. Passover is a time to ask questions and receive new knowledge to an ancient story.

The Haggada of Passover with Pop-Up Spreads (Hardcover with Slipcase)
The Haggada of Passover with Pop-Up Spreads (Hardcover with Slipcase)jws

Besides for Judaica, enjoy having Passover decorations and bringing a little fun to the table. It is a great way to get the kids involved when looking for the Afikoman, tucked away into a beautiful cover, or hand towels for washing as it happens twice during the Seder. There are so many Passover gifts that will make your Passover table pop, plus there are great alternatives to the traditional bottle of wine brought to family and friends that host the Passover Seder that are sure to be appreciated.

Barbara Shaw Mug - Keep Calm and Seder On
Barbara Shaw Mug - Keep Calm and Seder Onjws

The leaving of Egypt happened because the time was right, and now the time is right to bring a little modernity to your Passover Seder table. Anything from Israel would be the perfect addition to your table to properly celebrate the holiday and transport yourself to the beautiful land the Jewish people were headed to after leaving Egypt for a new life. Don’t be afraid to add something new with a modern twist to your Passover table and have a Chag Kasher V’Sameach!