Birds before passenger jet at takeoff
Birds before passenger jet at takeoff iStock

A bird crashed into the engine of a 747-400 Junbo Jet lat night as it took off from Ben-Gurion Airport.

There was a loud noise from the engine, takeoff was aborted, and technical crews were called to take care of the plane and prepare it for another takeoff.

"It started like any regular flight," said one of the passengers. "I did a quick check-in, ate dinner in the parlor and boarded the plane ... During the takeoff there was a loud noise. Like little fireworks. The plane stopped in a few seconds."

At that point, the plane was returned to the gate at Ben-Gurion Airport and it was determined that a bird hit the engine at take-off. "Fortunately, the pilots reacted very quickly; thanks to the El Al pilots."

The Israel Pilots Association explains that "entry of birds into the engine at takeoff may cause power loss. If there is power loss, it's a critical moment that requires quick, deliberate, and correct response of the pilots according to the speed of the incident."

El Al's Jumbo 747-400
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