Gantz and Lapid
Gantz and LapidShira Diamant

The Likud movement sent a letter of complaint to all media and polling institutes in Israel today, claiming voters are being systematically misled in the prime minister suitability surveys.

The Likud demands that polls also examine the suitability for premiership of Blue and White candidate for the second term prime minister Yair Lapid.

In a letter signed by Attorney Michael Dvorin on behalf of the Likud, it stated: "The rotation agreement signed by the Yesh Atid Party led by Yair Lapid and the Israel Resilience Party headed by Benny Gantz agreed that the two would serve as prime ministers for half a term each. In other words, if the Blue and White Party wins the elections and with it the Leftist bloc that supports it, both Benny Gantz and Yair Lapid will serve as prime ministers.

"Despite this, you systematically and deliberately refrain from examining the extent to which MK Yair Lapid alone is suited to the post of prime minister, and certainly not as compared to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, and instead they only carry out surveys for the position of prime minister plotting Mr. Gantz against Mr. Netanyahu," says Dvorin.

Dvorin added, "My client fears you're doing this intentionally, with false pretense and perhaps even to mislead the electorate, so as not to present to the public the truth that Mr. Lapid is also intended to be prime minister if the Blue and White coalition that supports him in the elections wins. Isn't the Israeli public entitled to know the degree of Lapid's suitability for the position and what the public thinks of Mr. Lapid in this context?"

In conclusion, Dvorin presents his demand: "Therefore, if there is a bit of fairness and professional and intellectual integrity, you are requested to sample in the surveys remaining until the end of the election campaign not only Mr. Ganz's suitability for the premiership, but also that of Mr. Lapid, so as not to mislead voters and not to create a false representation to them as if only Mr. Gantz stands for election to prime minister."