Moshe Ya'alon
Moshe Ya'alon Kobi Richter/ TPS

The Arab United Arab List-Balad party on Monday morning slammed Blue and White candidate Moshe (Bugi) Ya'alon's plan to visit the Galilee city of Tamra.

"The entry of war general Bugi Ya'alon to the city of Tamra and the Arab towns is dangerous, audacious, and signifies a crossing of red lines," Ra'am-Balad said.

Ya'alon is a former IDF Chief of Staff and served as Defense Minister between the years 2013-2016.

"It is unthinkable that we will receive and shake the hand of someone who has blood on his hands," the party added.

"We call to cancel the event which aims to market the party of generals involved in war crimes, and to gather in support of our nation's justified struggle, in support of the struggle for equality and against racism."

In the past Balad party MK Hanin Zoabi has explicitly stated that Jews have no right to self-determination, and called for a "mass intifada."

Arabs citizens have equal rights in Israel, and in recent years Israel's government has invested more in the Arab sector than in any other sector in Israel.