Grand Palace of Bangkok, Thailand
Grand Palace of Bangkok, Thailand iStock

A Jewish woman on a trip to Thailand disappeared from her hotel room and was eventually found and rescued from a 10-foot pit, according to the Matzav website.

A Toronto Jewish couple arrived in Thailand on Thursday night, unpacked their suitcases in their hotel room and prepared to go to sleep. Later, the woman got restless and left the room to explore the hotel but never came back.

When the woman's husband couldn't find his wife or reach her by phone, he asked the hotel workers to help him. The hotel called the police and they began checking the hotel's security cameras. After an hour, a police officer finally found the room the woman was last in - the pool room.

Police officers ran to the pool room and found a 10-foot pit into which the woman had fallen. The emergency services were unable to reach the woman from the pit's opening. Since the pit ended in the area behind the hotel's freezers, they instead cut a hole in the walk-in freezer and successfully extricated her.

The woman was unconscious and was rushed to the hospital. However, after several hours, she regained consciousness and according to Matzav, she is in good condition with no serious injuries.

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