Women of the Wall (archive)
Women of the Wall (archive)Miriam Alster/Flash 90

A survey revealed that only 3% of Israelis support the Women of the Wall organization's goals of holding public prayers and women's Torah readings at the Western Wall plaza.

The poll, which was conducted by the Israeli Reform leader Uri Regev's "Hiddush" movement, also revealed that just 7% of Israelis support the granting of equal status to non-Orthodox streams of Judaism, the Reform and Conservative movements.

The survey also showed that just 10% of Israelis support imposing secular studies on haredi education, and only 18% want it to prohibit the exclusion of women in the public sphere at haredi events.

Haredi radio broadcaster Radio Kol Chai stated that the survey reveals that the Israeli public has not been moved by the Reform movement's campaign for full recognition in Israel or of imposing secular values on haredim.

Uri Regev said that "the principle of freedom of religion and equality in the burden is unfortunately absent from the platforms of most of the parties. The surrender to the dictates of the haredi parties which is already reflected in the election campaign, harms the state and contradicts its basic values. Most of the parties still betray their constituents and ignore public will. Surveys conducted by Hiddush in recent months show that those who promote freedom of religion and equality will receive increased voter support."