From the bus
From the busiStock

The traffic police continues its war on road accidents and looking for new ways to catch criminal drivers.

The newspaper Yediot Ahronot reports that yesterday morning on Egged line 921 from Hadera to Kfar Sava, two men, dressed in civilian clothes, were seated near the left window of the bus and began documenting drivers in the traffic jam on the opposite lane.

The report said that one of the passengers on the bus was quick to document what was happening and wrote a post on Facebook that he wanted to share: "One of them didn't stop talking on a radio, the other didn't stop filming vehicles through the window. Didn't seem to me he was looking at birds or landscapes," he wrote. "I feel like there are two cops who are documenting drivers using the phone while driving. Guess there's no limit to creativity. You've hereby been warned."

Police confirmed yesterday the passenger's suspicion was justified, and the two men were indeed plainclothes officers documenting drivers using mobile phones while driving. The policemen documenting the offenses from the bus reported to police vehicles driving nearby the license plate numbers of cars whose drivers had been documented, who were stopped and the photograph evidence of the offense they just committed was immediately presented to them.

Since the beginning of the year, 45,000 tickets have been issued to drivers for using mobile phones while driving.