Bennett visits Mishmeret
Bennett visits Mishmeret Flash 90

Education Minister Naftali Bennett today slammed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and called for crushing Hamas until it could no longer launch rockets and hit Israel.

"Tonight I slept in the Gaza area to feel like a resident of the South, a day after I felt what a resident of Raanana feels. At five in the morning, I experienced an alarm and running with the children to the security room," Bennett said at the conference.

"The residents of the south have been abandoned for 15 years by the security leaders of the State of Israel, and the two candidates for Prime Minister are busy day and night with embarrassing personal affairs, cell phones, submarines, interrogations, and whining about who gets more press time.

"From here I say, with the arrival of Prime Minister Netanyahu the IDF must be given the order to defeat Hamas, to uproot from Hamas its ability to harm the residents of the south, not to speak of deterrence, but to take the sword to Hamas and break it. There is something to be done and we have to do it.

"After yesterday's shooting at the center of the country and then massive rocket fire on the south, we felled an empty building and told ourselves that Hamas is deterred and they haven't seen anything like this for 40 years. Then they rush to beg for a cease-fire from those who caused all the shooting."

Bennett stressed, "Hamas must be crushed. There is a plan. I introduced it long ago and I ask the cabinet to adopt it.

"Even the strongest army in the Middle East cannot win when the political echelon doesn't have the courage. The security leadership doesn't provide security for the south. It's okay to ask for some time and credit. My plan will also take time until everything is resolved, but the result will be uprooting the source of terror in Gaza."

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