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The European Union issued a statement on the latest developments in and around Gaza, wishing a speedy recovery to those injured. "Rocket attacks from Gaza and any other violent actions or provocations by Palestinian militants in Gaza must stop immediately," the statement from Brussels declared. "The European Union reiterates its fundamental commitment to the security of Israel.

"In the wake of the Israeli reaction, the first priority for all must now be for de-escalation and maximum restraint, in order to re-establish calm and to protect the lives of Israeli and Palestinian civilians. The EU reiterates its full support to the efforts of Egypt and the UN to reduce tensions and to alleviate the situation for the people in Gaza," concluded the European Union communique.

Israeli planes attacked the offices of Hamas chairman Ismail Haniyeh in the Rimal neighborhood of the northern Gaza Strip.

Earlier, a five-story building was attacked in the Rimal neighborhood of the northern Gaza Strip. The building was used by Hamas for military purposes, such as the Ministry of Public Security.

Israeli fighter jets also attacked a three-story building in the Sabra neighborhood of the Gaza Strip. The IDF said that the structure attacked was a secret headquarters of the Hamas terrorist organization, which serves the general security, general intelligence and military intelligence of the organization, and that the Hamas military intelligence department is responsible for intelligence gathering and research against the State of Israel.

The attacks were carried out in response to the rocket fire that hit the house in Mishmeret this morning.