Scene of Ariel terror attack
Scene of Ariel terror attack Eitan Shoivar/ TPS

The Bruqin Village Council has decided to name a street after terrorist Omar Abu Lila, who murdered IDF soldier Gal Keidan, 19, and Rabbi Ahiad Ettinger, 47, in a double terror attack last week.

Bruqin is an Arab village near Ariel.

Middle East expert Yoni Ben-Menachem tweeted that the Palestinian Authority's Fatah organization proudly displayed photos showing the construction of a new home for terrorist Ashraf Na’alowa's family.

Na'alwa murdered Ziv Hajbi and Kim Levengrond in a shooting attack last October. A third Israeli was wounded in the attack.

In December, Na'alwa was eliminated as security forces attempted to arrest him, and his family's home was partially demolished.

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