Gaza rioters
Gaza rioters Flash 90

Former Eshkol Regional Council Head MK Haim Jelin (Yesh Atid) on Sunday claimed that an IDF statement regarding the reason for an air raid siren was incorrect.

On Saturday night, a "Color Red" air raid siren sounded in Israeli communities near the Gaza border. According to reports, the reason for the siren was an explosive device hurled towards the border fence by Gaza rioters.

"It was not an explosive device that activated the Color Red siren last night," Jelin tweeted. "It was a rocket launched from Gaza which exploded in Israeli territory."

"The Israeli Prime Minister and Defense Minister has a vested interest in silencing the security situation in Gaza."

On Saturday night, Jelin tweeted, "A Color Red siren, and the whole house shook. Submarines, the cellular phone from Iran, all the important stuff won't help against terror. But it really doesn't interest Mr. Elections, because honestly, the generation growing up here are Class B citizens."