An IDF aircraft on Saturday night attacked two observation posts of the Hamas terrorist organization in southern Gaza.

The attack was carried out in response to multiple explosive devices that were hurled and exploded during Gaza riots near Israel’s border fence on Saturday evening. There were no injuries.

Earlier, the “Red Alert” siren was activated in the Eshkol Regional Council as a result of an explosive device that was hurled at the security fence as part of a riot that took place in Gaza.

The explosive device did not cross the security fence. The sounds of explosions being heard in the area are also as a result of explosive devices that are being hurled in the Gaza Strip.

During the course of the Sabbath, IDF aircraft attacked terrorist squads that detonated explosives in the southern Gaza Strip toward Israeli territory.

Gazans regularly launch kites and balloons carrying explosive or incendiary devices into neighboring Israel, causing extensive damage to farmland and private homes.

Often, the deadly balloons are colorful and decorated with lights and toys, in order to entice young children into playing with them.

At least one rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) was found attached to a balloon sent from Gaza.