Tamar Ettinger and her son at Rabbi Achiad Ettinger's funeral.
Tamar Ettinger and her son at Rabbi Achiad Ettinger's funeral.Noam Revkin Fenton/Flash90

A fundraising campaign for the family of Ariel terror victim Rabbi Achiad Ettinger has already garnered more than NIS one million. The campaign was initiated by friends and neighbors of the Ettinger family in their town of Eli on Tuesday.

Rabbi Ettinger was murdered on Sunday by a terrorist who carried out a shooting attack at the Ariel junction in Samaria. The fundraising organization, Tzedaka v’chesed – Eli,” set a fundraising goal of NIS two million. Over 4,000 people have donated more than a million NIS.

"We want to make sure that when Tamar (Rabbi Ettinger’s widow) is ready to help her children get married, she won’t have to be worried about how she'll obtain the money,” the organizers of the fundraising drive said.

"We invite you to partner with us and ensure the future of the Ettinger children - 12 children, 12 weddings, 12 more Jewish homes in our beautiful land,” the organizers concluded.

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The Ettinger family reported that "in light of conflicting media reports, we want to clarify: At first we refused to accept donations as was originally published."

"But after a conversation with the rabbi of the community, Rabbi Avraham Schiller, we decided to accept the public's assistance and to receive the donations that will come through a charitable and benevolent fund to ensure a strong financial future for the children of Rabbi Achiad."