Shelter intended to protect against shooting attacks
Shelter intended to protect against shooting attacks Menachem Bakush

The IDF on Wednesday began placing metal shelters at central junctions in Judea and Samaria.

The shelters are intended to protect against shooting attacks, the latest of which occurred on Sunday, killing two people and injuring a third.

YESHA Council Director-General Yigal Delmoni demanded the IDF remove the shelters.

The IDF's Central Command promised to remove the shelters, which had been placed without permission.

Education Minister Naftali Bennett (New RIght), who serves as a member of Israel's Diplomatic and Security Cabient, said, "The defense system's decision to put soldiers waiting at junctions into bunkers after a string of murders in Judea and Samaria is embarrassing. That's not how you defeat terrorism."

"In order to defeat terrorism, we need to destroy the terrorists' homes, kill the terrorists, and not put IDF soldiers into bunkers."

Jewish Home Chairman Rabbi Rafi Peretz said, "This is what the response looks a country that is losing its national honor. We need to move from acceptance to offensiveness, from defensiveness to sovereignty."

National Union Chairman Bezalel Smotrich responded, "This is security going bankrupt. This is the 'answer' the IDF gives to the Arab terror on Judea and Samaria's roads - more and more protection and fences. This is how you project fear and invite more terror and more violence."

"When faced with terror, you need to be more offensive and have more deterrence, and less defensiveness."

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