Netanyahu at Ettinger family home
Netanyahu at Ettinger family homeChaim Tzach/GPO

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu visited the home of Rabbi Achiad Ettinger in the community of Eli, and offered condolences to the family of the rabbi who was murdered in the Ariel junction attack.

Netanyahu told the family: "The shock is huge ... From what I heard about Achiad, he was a wonderful man, a noble soul, and a hero.

"The pain of your loss is enormous, I understand how profound it is. But I want you to know that it passes as a shock to the heart of the entire nation," added the Prime Minister.

Efrat Ettinger, the daughter of Rabbi Achiad, told the Prime Minister that "It's impossible that a terrorist commits such an act and comes out alive."

The Prime Minister told her in the context of the death penalty for the terrorists: "We fixed the restriction by law, and if we didn't do it we will do it." Channel 12 reports the girl replied: "That's what they say at every condolence call after an incident like this and it doesn't happen. It's just talk."

כך הסתיימה הלוויתו של הרב אחיעד אטינגר הי"ד

Carmit, mother of Rabbi Ettinger, told Netanyahu: "We feel less security. See what you can to help those who live here." The Prime Minister replied: "A few days ago, we destroyed the headquarters in Gaza to the ground. What we have here is something else.

"In a way, it's more complex, I don't want to talk about it here," Netanyahu said. "The shock is huge, what I have heard about Achiad - a noble soul and a living hero - the pain of your loss is tremendous." Carmit emphasized: "We want to not be afraid that someone will hurt us, we want more security, there were warning signs and nothing was done; we want more security."