Rafi Levengrond
Rafi LevengrondHezki Baruch

Rafi Levengrond, father of Kim Yehezkel-Levengrond who was murdered in the terrorist attack in the Barkan industrial zone, explained on Monday why, in his opinion, the IDF will find it difficult to locate the terrorist who carried out the double attack at the Ariel junction.

"It's not just a lone terrorist who got up in the morning and decided to attack. These are skilled fighters. You see the plan to come up to two soldiers with a knife, snatch weapons, evade the gunfire and even attack a rabbi. It's not just a guy who gets up in the morning and goes out to stab a Jew, and that’s why they are not found quickly, because everything here is planned in advance. They took 70 days to find the terrorist who murdered my daughter,” Levengrond told Arutz Sheva.

He criticized the lack of response by the soldiers who were near the scene of the attack, saying, "It's a big mistake by the army. It’s inconceivable that a soldier is being slaughtered, and the one standing next to him does not respond. This is a mishap by both the soldiers and the commanders.”

"Bogie Ya'alon, who created the Elor Azariya effect, made our soldiers think about whether they should shoot or not. Why do we recruit soldiers if they do not know what to do in real time? Let them put scarecrows in their place,” added Levengrond.

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