Otzma Yehudit leaders
Otzma Yehudit leadersYonatan Sindel/Flash 90

The Otzma Yehudit party on Sunday evening published a list of demands from the Jewish Home and National Union parties, following the disqualification of Michael Ben-Ari's candidacy by the Supreme Court.

The party is demanding that, in addition to the position of minister for Baruch Marzel, that Attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir be promoted to fifth place on the joint Knesset list.

In addition, Otzma Yehudit seeks to ensure that Ben-Gvir will chair the Knesset Constitution Committee, regardless of whether Otzma Yehudit is part of the coalition or part of the opposition, and will even be a member of the Judicial Selection Committee.

"In the situation that has been created, about 100,000 Otzma voters feel bitter and hurt, and it is clear that if no suitable solution is given, Otzma voters will find it difficult to come to the polls, which will endanger the right-wing bloc," the party warned.

Sources in Otzma Yehudit said that "the demands that were made tonight are legitimate and basic demands and, in light of the unfortunate decision of the Supreme Court, it is only natural to allow a minister from Otzma and for Attorney Ben-Gvir to act in the field of law and bring about a real change that unfortunately did not occur during Ayelet Shaked’s time in office."

Earlier on Sunday, Ben-Ari responded to the Supreme Court's decision to disqualify his candidacy for the 21st Knesset. “I’m holding my head high. There's a legal junta here who took the law into its hands. I tell Tamar Zandberg who is embracing the terrorists - I have not been in the Knesset for six years and I will continue to lead.”

"This entire gang should know that there is an end to the legal junta. I want to give strength and not weakness to the IDF," Ben-Ari continued. "I was not surprised [by the ruling]. When I saw [Supreme Court President] Esther Hayut attacking my lawyer and not letting him talk, I understood the direction in which things were headed."