Searching for terrorists
Searching for terroristsFlash 90

Eric Brebing ("Harris"), a former Shin Bet commander of the Judea and Samaria area, spoke on Radio 103FM on Sunday regarding the terrorist attack in Samaria in which IDF sergeant Gal Keidan was killed, another soldier was seriously wounded and an Israeli citizen, Rabbi Ahiad Ettinger, was critically wounded.

"Security services have developed prevention capabilities to avoid terrorist activities from the start,” said Brebing. “Most potential terrorists are caught at home while they’re still sleeping but the public doesn't hear about it. The public only hears of the few successful attacks.”

“Attacks of a few individuals are not an intifada,” Brebing asserted. “We have a very high prevention rate. This year alone, we prevented around 100 attacks. Most of the young potential terrorists leave to commit an attack with the intention of not surviving the incident,” he added.

According to Brebing, the Palestinian Authority doesn’t hand over terrorists who harm Jews to Israel, but imprisons them instead in order to portray itself as having control over their own citizens.

Brebing also commented on the situation in the Gaza Strip, saying that “it’s difficult to see how the demonstrations are developing into an escalation which undermines Hamas' rule.”