Some of the archaeological finds
Some of the archaeological findsHezi Nakash

Researchers working with the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) uncovered archaeological finds dating from the Byzantine period at the Dudaim Educational and Recycling Park in southern Israel.

The finds included remains of terraces, a water pit, and field guard's post, all from the Byzantine period. They were inspected by the IAA and some of the findings were taken for further research.

The remains were found at the edge of the Dudaim Park, and the area where they were found has been declared a closed archaeological site to allow the researchers to work uninterrupted.

Dudaim Park CEO Nir Bar-David said, "There is great significance in researching the history of this amazing land. Sometimes you need to stop a moment and allow professionals such as the IAA's amazing staff to do their important work and search for important finds at a site."

"I am happy that interesting findings have been discovered. The IAA took the findings and we obviously are following events with much interest."