The Cabinet decided yesterday not to support the change in the Law of Return proposed by MK Michael Kleiner and approved by the ministerial legislative committee. The change would have enabled the non-Jewish grandchild of a Jew to be eligible for automatic citizenship only when accompanied by the grandparent. Kleiner explained that this would have maintained family integrity, while making a minimal effort to prevent non-Jews from entering the country without justification. Housing Minister Natan Sharansky convinced the ministers yesterday that the change would have alienated the Russian community. Kleiner reacted afterwards, \"Narrow political interests defeated our national interests... I have no doubt that in the end, the new law will be adopted, but only after another few hundred thousand non-Jews have entered the country.\"

Interior Minister Eli Yeshai also responded with scorn, saying that, \"The Law of Return as it now stands is no longer relevant and represents a definite danger to the Jewish character of the State of Israel, but this understanding has not yet trickled down to the public and its representatives.\"