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The IDF on Friday morning estimated that Thursday night's rocket attacks on Tel Aviv were an error.

However, the IDF did not change its response, pointing an accusing finger at Hamas and destroying 100 terror targets.

"The IDF sees Hamas as responsible for everything which occurs within Gaza and which emanates from it," an IDF statement said.

There have been no rocket attacks since 7:20a.m., and residents of the Gaza-are communities are attending school or work as usual.

"The Israeli violence will not break our opposing nation's will and its fight," Hamas said in a statement. "The opposition, together with its nation, will remain at the heart of the fight against the occupation."

Israel pulled out of Gaza completely in 2005. Hamas has ruled Gaza for all but two years since 2007.

The IDF also noted that the targets Israel attacked Thursday night were a large Hamas office compound in Gaza City, the main weapons factory which manufactured rockets, military compounds, military training grounds, observation posts, and underground infrastructure.

The current round of violence began Thursday night, when two rockets were fired at the Tel Aviv area from Gaza. The rockets landed in open areas and did not cause any direct injuries or damage. One man in his fifties was lightly injured while entering a bomb shelter, and five others were treated for shock.

Gaza's Health Ministry claimed that four people were injured in the Israeli attacks, two of them seriously.