Ayelet Shaked
Ayelet ShakedFlash90

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked (New Right) on Wednesday appointed two new judges to Israel's appeals court, which deals among other things with illegal infiltrators' requests to remain in Israel.

Both of the new judges are conservatives, with nationalist views.

One of them, Hananya Gogenheim, lives in the Binyamin Region and previously served as an attorney in the Legal Forum for the Land of Israel. The other, Shlomo WIzen, is a brother-in-law of attorney Doron Nir-Zvi, who has represented Judea and Samaria in court several times.

Previously, the appeals court had been harshly criticized for its judges being too forgiving towards infiltrators and delaying their deportation despite the State's instructions. It is expected that the new judges will make it much more difficult to allow illegals to remain in Israel.

The appointments were approved by Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit.

Shaked has appointed 334 judges, who represent a third of Israel's total judges.

"With a string of rulings, the Supreme Court harmed the State's ability to handle the infiltrators. The appeals court often serves as a place where the State can go to remove illegal infiltrators from Israel. I am sure that the new judges will examine the legal process and the good of the State in every case. Residents of southern Tel Aviv deserve that we should remove the infiltrators from Israel."

The Legal Forum responded, "The issues facing the court affect the State of Israel's very identity as a Jewish and democratic state. The appeals submitted to the court are in line with the Law of Entry and deal with several important questions regarding entry into Israel and time spent here."

"Their job is also important since they are the first place where appeals regarding the Population and Immigration Authority's decisions are submitted, and these decisions influence the appellants' lives. For these reasons, it was extremely important to appoint judges as soon as possible and avoid harming the court's work. The candidates who were chosen are worthy professionals who will certainly know how to incorporate the State's two values - Judaism together with democracy - in their rulings."