Police post hit by firebomb on Temple Mount
Police post hit by firebomb on Temple Mount Israel Police spokesperson

The Islamic Waqf Council in Jerusalem claimed on Tuesday that "incident of fire at the occupation police post at the Al-Aqsa Mosque was fabricated and deliberately escalated and planned by the police."

The Waqf Council's statement referred to the incident in which Arabs hurled a firebomb at a police position on the Temple Mount.

The post went up in flames, and one officer suffered from smoke inhalation. Three suspects were taken for interrogation.

Hatem Abd al-Qader, a member of the Waqf Council, said in a statement that the fire broke out in parallel to an Israeli court's decision to postpone the hearing on the request of the Israel Police to approve the decision to close the Muslim prayer structure at the Golden Gate.

Al-Qader accused the Israel Police of “trespassing” when they attack Muslim worshipers and clerics and close the Al-Aqsa mosque to the Muslim public.

Meanwhile on Tuesday, following a special assessment of the situation held by the Israel Police, the District Commander instructed that the Temple Mount be opened Wednesday morning for worshipers and visitors.

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