Temple Mount police station after firebomb
Temple Mount police station after firebombPolice Spokesman

Journalist and Temple Mount activist Arnon Segal was not surprised by the incident that took place this afternoon when an attempt was made to ignite the police station on the Mount by throwing a firebomb.

"The arson of the police post on the Temple Mount is a premeditated escalation following the failure at the Gate of Mercy," says Segal, "The State of Israel made a concession on turning the Gate of Mercy into a mosque, and it was clear that the situation on the Mount would deteriorate. The Gate of Mercy is part of the Temple Mount and the fourth mosque that was built on the Temple Mount. Three of the mosques were built during Netanyahu's term. If the Israeli government keeps quiet, the situation will deteriorate.

"The Jordanians are full partners, they're stoking the fire on the Mount and backing the violent elements on the Temple Mount, and this is also a recipe for a rapid deterioration of the security situation in the rest of the State of Israel. The Waqf must be thrown out of the Temple Mount. Is an illegal and provocative factor, and to our sorrow the Israeli government backs it up. We must allow freedom of worship for everyone, which will also bring peace to the Mount," Segal says.

"The Jordanians, Palestinians, Turks, and Saudis are all involved in the Temple Mount, all but the State of Israel," explains Segal. "When there are many forces operating on the Mount, lawlessness runs rampant and this is a recipe for deterioration from a security point of view.

"The Jordanians want control and don't want Trump's Century deal," explains Segal, "but they don't want the Saudis to interfere with them on the Mount. The Palestinians want to protest the steps Israel is taking. Only the State of Israel doesn't intervene or enforce the law on the Mount to allow freedom of worship for all religions, and of course also for the Jews."

"לאכוף את הריבונות בהר הבית"