BennettPhoto by David Cohen/Flash90

Minister of Education and Chairman of the New Right Naftali Bennett is participating today, Tuesdy, in the The Marker newspaper’s economic conference.

Bennett was asked about his criticism of the military and civilian justice system when it comes to dealing with terrorists, and especially the statement that "fighters are more afraid of the Military Advocate General than of Yahiya Sinwar."

"I really do not apologize for that," replied Bennett, explaining that "a soldier on the battlefield can not consult with an attorney. The Supreme Court completely destroyed Yitzhak Rabin's expulsion of terrorists. Rabin was the one who said 'Without the High Court and without B'Tselem,’ not Naftali Bennett. They ruined everything and caused terrorists to become heroes. The legal system ties the hands of IDF fighters. Insofar as it depends on me, when I am defense minister, a soldier will not have to go around with a lawyer. A soldier can fight Hamas and defeat Hamas.”

"In Operation Protective Edge, in Sajaiya, we acted according to legal dictates. We sent Golani soldiers into Sajaiya, we knew there were terrorists there but we did not take care of those houses. They killed the soldiers and a minute later we destroyed the houses. What would have happened if we had done so a minute before? I state clearly: The excess of legalization harms Israel's security, endangers IDF soldiers, and we will release IDF soldiers from these chains, which prevent them from defeating the enemy."

"In the past year, Hamas has been firing balloons at us. In recent days a balloon that has a hand grenade that can kill a child is launched into our community, and then they start to tell us that it's children or youths. This ‘child’ launched a tool for murder to kill Israeli citizens, and whoever does that - his blood is on his own head. He is a terrorist, not a child. We have to defeat Hamas and restrain the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court in the spirit of Aharon Barak believes that our whole life is justiciable and we can discuss everything, intervening day and night in government decisions without bearing responsibility. Supreme Court judges - judge, let the government govern and let the IDF win," Bennett declared.

He also addressed Blue and White candidates Benny Gantz and Moshe Ya'alon. "I sat in the cabinet with Gantz and Bogie [Ya’alon]. I saw the 117 years of experience crashing in the face of common sense that there are 30 ready terror tunnels.”

"They hide Nissenkorn, who is supposed to be the finance minister. They brought him in as the senior economic figure, with socialist views. Have you gone crazy? Why did they bring him in, to hide him?" Bennett concluded.