Erdan in front of Temple Mount
Erdan in front of Temple Mount Flash 90

Internal Security and Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan (Likud) announced this evening on Ben Caspit and Aryeh Eldad's 103FM talk show that "there won't be another mosque on the Temple Mount."

He said the clashes began after an order that closed the Gate of Mercy on the Temple Mount over the past 16 years had expired. He said political discussions were being held and that the court order closing the compound would be renewed.

Asked whether the mosque would be evacuated before or after Khan al-Ahmar, Erdan replied: "There's no connection because there's no mosque at the moment, the Muslims on the Mount smuggle in carpets and pray there haphazardly just like they can pray in the middle of the street. No one can prevent a person from praying wherever he chooses. Unfortunately, there's prevention of Jews within the framework of the status quo on the Temple Mount. This is also something that may be planned in the future, but at the moment there won't be another permanent mosque; that's not only my directive but also that of the Prime Minister."

Erdan also referred to the President's remarks about discourse towards the Arabs: "The President was wrong; there's no connection between the individual rights of Israeli Arabs and national rights, and it isn't clear why the President doesn't understand this."

Erdan Flash 90
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