Gil Ronen
Gil Ronen Courtesy

Bitter news struck me a short while ago. My dear friend and former partner Gil Ronen passed away in tragic circumstances.

Way back when, Gil played on Erez Tal and my show "Ma Yesh" (which aired on Army Radio in the 1980s -ed.) the role of Haskel Moseri. He was funny, daring and revolutionary. I loved him as did all the listeners who admired his wit and daring thinking.

Years passed and he reappeared in my life, this time as a key activist in the new movement for the rights of the father in the family and for the father's status in the process of divorce and custody of the children. His life had taught him a thing or two about parental alienation, and he had become a very articulate, reasoned, and extreme speaker for our fathers who lost big time with visitation arrangements and life-shortening financial arrangements. He spoke on every stage that agreed to host him, even on the stage that I had made available to him many times, and he was often thrown out and not invited back after having attacked the women's organizations he hated most. In his special way, he caused a change in thought among the oppressed fathers and the decision-makers, and the slow change we see today regarding divorced fathers is registered, among other things, in his name.

My heart cries out for poor Gil who did not get the chance to eat from the fruit he planted, and I have only one thing to say to all the discriminated against, alienated, bankrupt fathers who plan suicide: Hang on, the fruits of his struggle will soon ripen. Gil Ronen fought for you as hard as he could, and even a little more.

We will not forget you Gil.