Jewish quarter in Antwerp, Belgium
Jewish quarter in Antwerp, BelgiumFlash 90

By Wednesday, more than 1,880 people had signed a petition on the platform to have the Aalst Carnival removed from the UNESCO list of heritage of humanity events, in reaction to the Belgian carnival float that gleefully displayed its creator's attitude vis-à-vis Jews.

But Sovereignty Movement leaders Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar say the outrage sparked by the barbaric spectacle is misguided at best, wasted at worst:

"There's something much more worrisome than the anti-Semitic caricatures at the Belgian float," said Matar. "And that is they're no different than the caricatures that appear daily against Jews in the Palestinian Authority - whether in their school books or media. And yet, people don’t talk about it and expect us to continue to deal with the corrupt, terrorist, anti-Semitic Palestinian Authority and even give them more control and sovereignty over our heartland."

Matar, herself from Belgium, said that the energy used excoriating Belgian anti-Semites could be channeled into efforts to bring Europe's Jews home. Speaking to Arutz Sheva, the Sovereignty Movement leader said the Belgian incident should provide the Jewish People with two distinct wake-up calls:

"So many organizations came out to denounce them, which is fine; but let's face it: That little village in Belgium has no influence whatsoever on the destiny of the Jewish People, or on Israel; there are many more anti-Semites all around Europe. It happens to be that once, there, they were caught on camera. But those people don't have any influence. So it's also very easy to denounce them.

"What worries us much more is that the same kind of anti-Semitic caricatures that we saw at the Belgian float, appear on a daily basis in the Palestinian Authority, in their schoolbooks, in their media, and yet people barely talk about it, people try to convince us that the PA are moderates, and even expect us to continue to deal with the terrorist, anti-Semitic, corrupt Palestinian Authority, and even give them G-d forbid more control and sovereignty over our biblical heartland.

"So if we want to use what happened in Belgium as a wake-up call, then first and foremost let us wake up to the fact that if we want stability and real peace in our area and if we want to protect the Jews and if we want a safe Israel, there must be only one sovereign from the sea until the Jordan, which of course has to be Israel, and the anti-Semitic PA must be dismantled. Something by the way, not only the Jews will be happy, but the local Arabs in Judea and Samaria are longing for the day that the PA will be dismantled. They are cursing the day that the Oslo architects forced upon them, as their leadership, these outsiders, this gang of murderers, from Arafat at the time, and now Abbas, who have been turned - with a uniform - from murderers into so-called policemen.

"So that is the first wake-up call. The second wake-up call is indeed to our fellow Jews in Belgium, and the rest of the Diaspora, to see this as a reminder to come on aliya, as a reminder that we have our own land. The truth is that we don't like to use anti-Semitic events in the Diaspora to call for aliya, because Eretz Yisrael is much more than a place of refuge; Jews should come on aliya because this is where Jews belong, and only here is the future of the Israeli people shaped.

"So to summarize: 1) To all those organizations condemning the Belgian float, please, do the same and start condemning the Palestinian Authority for their anti-Semitism. And more importantly: Start calling for the dismantlement of the PA and the application of Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria.

"Number two, to my fellow Jews still living in Belgium, being myself a Belgian, it is time to come home; as we say in French: Il est temps de rentrer à la maison. Or as we say in Flemish, Het is tijd om thuis te komen," said Matar.

Soldiers standing guard outside Jewish schools in port city of Antwerp, Belgium
Soldiers standing guard outside Jewish schools in port city of Antwerp, BelgiumFlash 90