Ofer Prison
Ofer Prison Arutz Sheva

A serious security breach occurred in Ofer Prison at the beginning of the week, when an Arab detainee was mistakenly released due to an Israel Prison Service (IPS) bureaucratic fumble, Yediot Ahronot reported this morning.

The unusual incident aroused great anger towards the IPS among defense establishment officials who claimed the lapse, caused by irresponsibility and negligence, could have also occurred with a terrorist with blood on his hands, and therefore must not be disregarded.

As a result of the failure, the Acting Israel Prison Service Director ordered the establishment of an internal inquiry commission, the results of which would apparently lead to command actions and dismissals.

The first details that emerged from the investigation of the incident and reached Yediot Ahronot indicate that the detainee was arrested by the IDF and Shin Bet for illegal assembly and association, and since then has been detained until the end of the proceedings.

He was later released, despite the fact that a week earlier, the IPS was sent an administrative detention order against the detainee for four months. However, the form did not reach the relevant hands and he was mistakenly released.

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