Nabil Shaath
Nabil ShaathMiriam Alster/Flash 90

Nabil Shaath, the foreign affairs advisor of Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas, believes that the Trump Administration's 'deal of the century' will destroy the peace process and will not achieve security and stability in the region.

Addressing students at Georgetown University, Shaath said that at first the PA presented to the Israeli side a proposal to establish a "democratic and non-racist" state that would include Muslims, Christians and Jews.

According to Shaath, this proposal was rejected and in its place the possibility of implementing the two-state solution based on the 1967 borders was raised. Under this plan, eastern Jerusalem would become the capital of 'Palestine,' the right to full citizenship of Palestinian Arabs, Muslims and Christians in Israel would be guaranteed, and the descendants of Palestinian refugees would have the right to choose between returning and remaining abroad.

Shaath stressed that this solution is the only one that will bring about genuine peace, since it is "consistent with international law and is supported by all the countries of the world except the United States and Israel."