Car used in ramming attack March 4th, 2019
Car used in ramming attack March 4th, 2019TPS

The Hamas terror organization expressed support Monday for a ramming attack in Samaria overnight which left two Israeli soldiers injured – including one IDF officer in serious condition.

In a statement released Monday morning, the Gaza-based terror group lauded the three terrorists involved in the pre-dawn attack Monday morning in the Palestinian Authority-controlled village of Kafr Nimma.

“The deaths of these two martyrs west of Ramallah this morning proves that the Palestinian people will continue its struggle against the occupation until it obtains all of its rights and frees its land,” the terror group said.

“The message of the young rebels in the West Bank is that they will not calm down unless and until the occupation is expelled, the holy sites are liberated, and the plan to Judaize Jerusalem is terminated.”

One IDF officer was seriously injured in the attack, while a Border Police officer was lightly injured.

During the ramming attack, Israeli security personnel opened fire on the assailant’s car, killing two of the three terrorists inside. A third terrorist was wounded.

According to an IDF spokesperson, the three terrorists had been responsible for a firebombing attack shortly before the ramming attack.