'Shabbat bus'
'Shabbat bus'Flash90

The chairman of the Elections Committee, Judge Hanan Meltzer, held a discussion on the issue of the Labor Party's "Shabbat bus" on Sunday, and at the end of the hearing released a decision regarding the future operation of the bus.

What does the decision contain? It depends on which party you ask.

Under the headline "Victory for the Labor Party," the Labor Party's announcement said that the campaign for public transportation on Shabbat would continue as planned. "The Shabbat bus of the Labor Party will be able to continue operating on Shabbat throughout the country, in cooperation with the cooperative transport companies, with the exception of the city of Jerusalem," the statement said.

However, at the same time the Shas party released a message stating the opposite.

Under the title "Victory for Shabbat!" the Shas faction reported that in a hearing held before Judge Hanan Meltzer, the Labor Party announced that it would completely stop the operation of the Shabbat bus, both by itself and through other organizations.

Thus," Shas said, "the Shas movement's petition against the desecration of the Shabbat was accepted and Justice Meltzer's ruling forbidding them to carry out the mass desecration of Shbbat is permitted. In addition, due to the just claims of the Shas movement, the Labor Party was obligated to pay court expenses of NIS 5,000."

The Shas party further stated: "The honor of the Shabbat won out again. We are pleased that the honor of Shabbat will be preserved in the public sphere and hope that the Labor Party will cease using the holy day of rest for election propaganda. Shas will continue to be the clear voice that expresses the will of the majority of the people who are interested in a Jewish state and preserve the tradition of their forefathers."