The Joint Arab List is furious at the new campaign video produced by the Otzma Yehudit Party that protests the tying of IDF soldiers' hands by legalists in the face of terror attacks.

"We were informed today of an insane and murderous video created by the extreme Right headed by Prime Minister Netanyahu," the statement said, linking the Otzma Yehudit campaign with Prime Minister Netanyahu.

"The video incites against Arab citizens and gives permission for their blood to be shed," the Joint List claims. "Netanyahu is desperately trying to save his teetering authority against the corruption scandal by justifying Kahane's racist doctrine and his followers.

"A prime minister who's become a patron of bloodthirsty agitators and racists is responsible for the wild incitement and has to resign," they add.

In the video, which has been distributed since last night by the Otzma Yehudit Party over the social networks, in hundreds of Whatsapp and Telegram groups, a terrorist is seen making the approach to a stabbing attack on a soldier.

As the soldier prepares to shoot, he is faced with the spectre of a lawyer from the Military Advocate General's office arriving with a tape measure, preventing the soldier from firing. Suddenly, Attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir enters, instructing the soldier to fire because it is an act of self-defense, and promising change in the situation soldiers face that they illustrated.

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