Measles positive
Measles positiveiStock

The number of measles cases in New York City has climbed to 121 after 31 new cases were reported, the city's health department said Thursday.

Twenty-one of the newly-diagnosed cases are linked to a Williamsburg yeshiva which did not comply with the requirement to exclude non-vaccinated students.

Out of the total 121, 108 patients were children under 18 years of age, and just 13 were adults. Eight of the patients have been hospitalized, one in the intensive care unit, Medical Xpress reported.

The site added that a total of five cases were diagnosed last week, and 26 were diagnosed only after the symptoms passed. Four of the patients became ill after visiting Israel, while one contracted the disease in Britain and a sixth in Ukraine.

The majority of patients were haredim from Borough Park and Williamsburg.

Last week, the health department began recommending that children in those neighborhoods receive the MMR vaccine between the ages of 6 and 11 months.

However, a measles warning has been issued in Westchester County, after a local college student contracted the illness. The student, a resident of NYC who attends classes at Monroe's New Rochelle campus, was diagnosed on Friday.

In a press release, Health Commissioner Dr. Oxiris Barbot said, "Measles is a serious, highly contagious, and potentially deadly infection. Complications and fatalities are rare but do happen. I urge parents not to take any risks that may jeopardize their children or other children in their community."