Mahmoud Abbas and Donald Trump
Mahmoud Abbas and Donald Trump Reuters

Mahmoud al-Aloul, deputy leader of the Fatah movement headed by Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas, said on Saturday that there is a real threat to Palestinian existence, and this requires joint action to protect the Palestinian people and confront the Israeli "occupation" and the US administration.

Speaking to reporters in Ramallah, Aloul said that Israel is trying to exploit the current situation in order to convince the world that it is not the enemy.

In practice, he claimed, with the help of the US, a comfortable atmosphere was created for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his "extreme rightist" government to commit "crimes" against the Palestinian people by killing, seizing land, attacking holy sites and establishing facts on the ground.

He added that the Trump administration’s position on the Palestinian issue was clear. The Americans, claimed Aloul, are interested in the Palestinians renouncing their national positions and accepting the “Deal of the Century”, the American peace initiative to settle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

In this context, Aloul said that the US is not suitable to be a sponsor of the peace process, and that a battle with the strongest force in the world is required because the United States leaves no other option for the Palestinians.

He further claimed that the US administration tried to influence the Palestinian position through the civil service institutions, but all the Palestinian elements without exception rejected the Deal of the Century.

Like Abbas, he also stressed the Palestinian Authority's commitment to continue to provide financial aid to the families of the “martyrs” and the wounded, regardless of the political price that will be collected from the PA.

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