The vandalized memorial
The vandalized memorial Alain Fontanel, Strasbourg's Deputy Mayor

Rabbi Avraham Weill, who serves as Strasbourg's rabbi and is a member of the Conference of European Rabbis' Standing Committee, responded on Saturday night to the anti-Semitic vandalism which occurred in his city.

According to Rabbi Weill, the memorial site is equipped with security cameras from the Strasbourg municipality. The video clip in question shows a vehicle entering the site, and at least two people using the vehicle to hurl the memorial to the ground.

The video has been transferred to Strasbourg's security services and to the Gendarmerie police, who opened an investigation.

Rabbi Weill will meet on Sunday night with police officers and the head of the municipality.

"We cannot become used to such anti-Semitic acts," Rabbi Weill said. "The French law enforcement must deal with this with the utmost determination and efficiency. We have no guess as to why this ugly wave of anti-Semitism is rising just now, and I worry - who knows what the coming day will bring? What will be next, after the vandalism of graves and monuments?"

"We're not afraid, G-d forbid, the city and its environs are the quietest places in France. We will continue our lives, because 'from when [the Hebrew month of] Adar begins [we increase in joy].' Just like Israel was victorious over its enemies by adding in Torah and observance of the commandments and strengthening everything holy and dear to the Jewish nation - so, too, will we be victorious over these criminals."

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