Michael Siegal, the Jewish Agency's Chairman of the Board, emphasized to Arutz Sheva the organization's neutral stance on the Israeli elections, as well as its stance on immigration to Israel.

Siegal emphasized that the Jewish Agency does not believe in encouraging people to make aliya (immigrate to Israel).

"I don't think it's for us to tell anybody where they live that they ought to make aliya," he said. "What we want to do is to be prepared when they make that choice. Particularly as we look at Venezuela, where the community might be at risk, what we do is prepare ourselves for when the individual and/ or family makes the decision that they want to make the move."

"We don't actually say 'make aliya' although aliya is a big portion of what we do."

When asked for the agency's stance on Israel's elections and internal politics, Siegal commented, "We wish all of the parties good luck in the election."

"All that we stand for are I think really written in the Declaration of Independence and we stand behind that document and our reaffirmation of the document," he added, noting that at their last meeting, they reaffirmed Israel's Declaration of Independence.

Regarding anti-Semitism, Siegal said that "it's not really our agenda," but that it is "really high on everybody's agenda."

"I don't know particularly that there's anything new or different that we have to add to it other than within the construct of what we have to do to help the Jewish people in terms of security as well as dealing with the issues of anti-Semitism," he explained.