Scene of the accident
Scene of the accidentYogev Shitrit/TPS

A five-year-old boy was killed Thursday in a car accident in the Jordan Valley in eastern Israel.

The accident occurred on Route 90 near the Israeli town of Argaman Thursday afternoon when two vehicles collided, leaving a family trapped in their car.

The family’s five-year-old son was killed in the crash, while the parents and a two-and-a-half-year-old boy were injured.

MDA paramedics treated the victims at the scene, before they were evacuated via an IDF helicopter to the hospital.

In addition to the family members in the first car, two men in the second vehicle were lightly injured in the crash.

“This was a serious accident,” said MDA paramedics Dennis Pelkov and Matty Karmi. “We saw two cars on the road: the one which the family had been riding in had a five-year-old trapped inside who was unconscious. A man, a woman, and a two-and-a-half-year-old child had left the vehicle while fully conscious”

“Two men in their 40s went out of the other car lightly injured. We treated the injured at the scene along with an IDF medical team and transferred them to air force helicopters which had landed at the scene. The injured family members were evacuated via helicopter with the child in very serious condition, his parents and brother in light-to-moderate condition and two people from the second car examined at the scene and then evacuated.”