Nissenkorn (L), Gantz
Nissenkorn (L), GantzYisrael Hadari

The Likud party filed a complaint today with the Central Elections Committee against the Blue-White Party and its candidate Avi Nissenkorn.

Likud officials are complaining about the fact that Nisenkorn did not resign as Histadrut Chairman.

"Nissenkorn oddly decided not to resign as Histadrut head, taking unpaid leave until the elections and continuing to lead one of the most powerful organizations in the Israeli economy," wrote the Likud complaint. "This raises the fundamental concern that Nisnekorn's reason to remain Histadrut head is his desire, and even worse, the desire of the Blue-and-White party, to harness the Histadrut apparatus in favor of the Blue-and-White party."

The Likud mentions that Nissenkorn intervened in recent days to end the train drivers' strike, who claimed to be ill. "It's clear that Nissenkorn's departure with unpaid leave is nothing more than deceit, and he continues to be the mover and shaker in the Histadrut with all that entails," the complaint says.

"The bargain between Avi Nissenkorn is transparent and clear: On the one hand it's intended to benefit Nissenkorn personally by placing him high on the list. On the other hand, Nisenkorn provides the Histadrut apparatus that he insists on continuing to head with the largest committees in the economy."

They ask the Elections Committee to urgently address their complaint. "We will seek urgent handling of the complaint and to clarify the matter as soon as possible before facts are determined on the ground that even a decision by the Central Elections Committee will not be able to change later."

The complaint was filed on behalf of the Likud by attorney Michael Dvorin.