Hundreds of Arabs arriving for Friday prayers breached the Golden Gate and entered the site.

The Arabs shouted incitement against Jews and breached the area, which has been closed off for the past 16 years, since it was discovered that those running the site were connected to the Hamas terror organization.

Large police forces are at the scene and it has been decided not to remove the Muslims from the site.

On Thursday night, Israeli police arrested 60 Arabs who were planning to riot on the Temple Mount during Friday's prayers.

"Due to the calls to disturb order during the Friday prayers on the Temple Mount, the police have brought in reinforcements to prevent any intention of disturbing order during the prayers on and around the Temple Mount," a police statement read.

Ismail Haniyeh, a Hamas leader, called on Palestinian Authority Arabs to march to Al-Aqsa mosque and to arrive there from all parts of "Palestine."

In an announcement, Haniyeh said, "I call on the masses of our nation in Al-Quds (Jerusalem - ed.), the [West] Bank, and the territory occupied since 1948 (Israel - ed.) to arrive at Al-Aqsa mosque and to congregate there and stand steadfastly there, to protect it and to stand as a strong building in order to foil the steps of the occupation."

According to Haniyeh, Israel closed the Golden Gate and institutions connected to Al-Aqsa mosque in order to force facts on the ground in preparation for a division of the Temple Mount between Muslims and Jews and as part of a gradual takeover of the site.

He called on those organizing the Palestinian Arabs' "struggle" to "protect" Al-Aqsa mosque "in all ways and using every means." According to him, "the new plots will not succeed, and we will protect Al-Aqsa with our lives and our blood, no matter what the price in victims."