US Ambassador David Friedman spoke at the Israeli-Palestinian Economic Forum: "This is not a time for words, this is a time for action, and this is the path I'm confident we're on," the Ambassador opened his remarks. "One day, I believe in the near future, as we begin to see Israelis and Palestinians working together, studying together, investing together, and living together in real peace - not the 'peace' that comes from a piece of paper, but the real peace that's in the heart and the soul of everyone who's here.

"We will look back on days like today to understand how it all began."

Turning to assembled delegates the Ambassador continued: "To all my Palestinian friends who are here who may be listening, who may watch this video in the future: The United States is with you. The people of the United States are with you. The President of the United States is with you. And to my Israeli friends I say the same: We are with all of you together to support you in new, out-of-the-box thinking to create a better, a safer, a more prosperous world for Israelis and Palestinians alike. No-one, no-one can or should tell you what is possible. No one can or should limit your dreams or scuttle your aspirations. What you seek is right, it is just, it is moral; a better life for all of your people.

"As the children of Abraham, there is far more that unites us than divides us. We are not destined to fight," the Ambassador claimed, continuing "It is not our legacy to quarrel. Every one of us believes in the essential dignity and holiness of every human being and it is our sacred task to bring that holiness and dignity to our everyday life.

"We know that with the differences that Isaac and Ishmael had in the Bible, they had a great reconciliation before their father Abraham died, and we know how they jointly buried their father Abraham. They reconciled their differences; obviously we can do and should do no less," the Ambassador said.

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