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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu responded to Benny Gantz's arguments in his speech this evening and mentioned his past as a combat soldier in the Sayeret Matkal commando unit.

"As a soldier and as an officer in the Sayeret Matkal commando unit, I risked my life time after time for the sake of the State," Netanyahu wrote in a Facebook post.

"I was wounded in battle with terrorists," Netanyahu said. "I almost lost my life in a firefight in the Suez Canal for the security of the country that you want to risk with unilateral withdrawals and support for the dangerous nuclear agreement with Iran. The citizens of Israel will choose between a strong right-wing government headed by me and a weak left government headed by you."

Gantz said during his speech at the launching of the Israel Resilience-Telem list, "I appreciate your contribution to the State of Israel, but I know your weaknesses well. When I was lying in the muddy tunnels with soldiers on frozen winter nights, you left Israel for the United States for fancy cocktail parties; on the days when I commanded the Shaldag unit in life-threatening operations in enemy states, you bravely and determinedly made your way through the television studios. During the stressful nights, I had a brief sleep in my uniform and boots while you went into the fitting rooms of the best suit designers in the world.

"For ten years there was a patronizing and conflicted government here, which didn't feel the need to make an effort for the citizens of the country in general, and for the citizens who did not choose it in particular," Gantz said. "Concern for citizens was replaced with an agenda of hatred. While the people showed it loyalty - it didn't show loyalty to the people, it forgot that in the wars of Israel there is no Right and no Left, and that our military cemeteries are not divided into Left and Right. And it forgot the main point - that a true government loves its citizens and isn't in love with itself."