Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met with Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis Tuesday afternoon. During the meeting it was agreed that a G2G meeting would be held soon.

Prime Minister Netanyahu told his Czech counterpart that he was "delighted to welcome you and your delegation. This visit follows President Zeman's visit here in November to open the Czech House in Jerusalem. It was a very moving moment for us because we saw in visual aesthetic terms the long relationship between the Czech people and the Jewish people which began also with the tremendously important support for Zionism by Tomáš Masaryk who was really the founder of the modern Czechoslovakia and the modern Czech Republic. It reflects the relationship that we've had through our War of Independence, when we had basically no arms except some Czech rifles that were given to us."

"The support of your country for Israel has been through thick and thin. Your country knows what it means to be a small democracy surrounded by hostile forces much bigger than them fighting for its survival and its freedom. We understand the story of your country and I think your country understands the story of Israel. And that has led to a very close friendship that is repeated again and again by successive visits.

"We intend to have another such visit very soon in the form of a G2G meeting in Prague in which we hope to conclude some important agreements, including some military agreements, but equally to work on matters of technology and innovation, including the question of helping with Israeli expertise to address some of the Czech Republic's water problems. We are very much convinced that there is ample room for cooperation.

Cezch Prime Minister Babis said that it was a "big pleasure" to visit Israel

"As you said it's my first visit in my life. Many colleagues, ministers and presidents came to your great country before me and it's a pleasure and thank you very much for your very warm welcome which I received in the State of Israel and very constructive debate.

"As you said Israel is our strategic partner in the Middle East. We have excellent cooperation and that is why the Czech Republic is highly interested to continue in consultation between our governments. As you said, and you promised, that we will finally organize this G2G in Prague this year because the last G2G was in Jerusalem in 2016 and it's high time that we continue in this very concrete cooperation.

"Our mutual trade is doing very well. It's increasing. We're selling our Škoda Auto cars here and Tatra. When you finally come to Prague for the G2G I’m sure that we will finalize this acquisition of Israeli mobile air defense radar, which is now in a good way and I'm sure that we will finalize this deal.

"We have discussed very concrete topics in our cooperation. Mainly we are interested in water management and of course we can maybe offer you some expertise in waste management. And also I ask you if you can help us with healthcare, in the area of medical cannabis treatment which is very important. I promised my minister of health and now we are really starting. It's very important for our citizens with a lot of diseases and this cannabis treatment is important and we would like to welcome your doctors in the Czech Republic and I'm sure they can give us a lot of experience in this field because you are also a leader in this field.

"We discussed cooperation in defense and security and of course I’m impressed by what Israel achieved in R&D, in cybersecurity and also autonomous cars. This morning I visited this company which is really great.

"I'm very pleased that we had a very concrete discussion and I'm looking forward to continuing our cooperation and finally to welcome you personally in Prague this year."