NGO Monitor's International Spokesman Daniel Laufer spoke to Arutz Sheva at the Jerusalem Conference about a recent report by the B'Tzelem organization: "This report is unique in that it attacks the Israeli justice system, the Supreme Court, not just as not doing its job, but actually holding the judges themselves as being possible war criminals for violation of human rights," Laufer said.

"This is a very new sort of claim. In the past most organizations perhaps have attacked the Israeli system for maybe not carrying out the law. The idea that the judges themselves could be culpable as actually being the criminals is a very extreme position."

NGO Monitor Senior Researcher Shaun Sacks said: "Several months ago we exposed documentation on funding to Israeli NGOs from the Dutch Representative Office in Ramallah, of all places. Among the projects mentioned was one calling on B'Tzelem to issue a report accusing Israel's Supreme Court of human rights violations.

"The report subsequently issued by B'Tzelem exceeds previous campaigns attacking Israel's independent judiciary and threatening judges with 'personal liability for the commission of crimes'. This foreign-funded attempt to damage Israel's legal system is not the first - it follows a long-running Norwegian- and UK-funded campaign filing thousands of cases in an explicit attempt to clog Israel's courts.

"We call on these European governments to open a direct dialogue with elected Israeli officials, to prevent anti-democratic manipulation of the legal system," Sacks said.