Moshe Peled
Moshe PeledEliran Aharon

Former MK and Deputy Education Minister Moshe Peled, who served in the Knesset between 1992 and 1999 mostly as a member of the Tzomet party, on Monday urged the right-wing parties to learn from his experience and unite.

“They have to form an alliance because we may lose power. I remember well the term in 1992 when the Tzomet party, of which I was a part, won eight seats, but the Tehiya party did not pass the threshold, and Levinger did not pass the threshold, and Rabin came to power. It was a difficult time period of Oslo and a difficult political battle against the Rabin government, and then came the immoral act that Rabin initiated when he took three seats from Tzomet given to him by Gonen Segev, Alex Goldfarb and Esther Salmovitz. With that act they gave the Oslo agreement to Rabin on a silver platter, since I have not exchanged one word with them,” Peled told Arutz Sheva in an interview.

He added that he remains optimistic about a possible unity among the right. "I believe that in the end, people will understand that without unity among the ranks, we have no existence. That’s why Kahlon has to unite with someone, otherwise he will not be around. Liberman also needs to connect to someone, as do Orly Levy and Otzma Yehudit. We do not want to lose votes within the camp and have the power be transferred to the left. I also believe that the Jewish Home and the National Union will pass the threshold, but everyone else must put aside their ego and unite in order to prevent the loss of votes."

Peled also said he rejects the concept of a centrist party.

"As far as I'm concerned, all those who declare themselves to be right or center are left. I am talking about Gantz, the Labor party, Kahlon and Lapid. There are only two options: one state between the sea and the Jordan or two states. What Netanyahu said in his Bar-Ilan speech was a tactical move that enabled him to get through Obama's eight difficult years."

Peled also discussed the fact that MK Oren Hazan, who was not elected to a realistic spot on the Likud Knesset list, announced that he will run for the Knesset as head of Tzomet.

"I am amazed by this story. Looks like he’s trying to use the platform of the Tzomet party which is on the shelf. I am not enthusiastic about this move and fear that he will take votes from the right that will be thrown in the trash," he said.

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