One of the elderly in the case
One of the elderly in the casePolice Spokesperson

A 42-year-old Arab male, a resident of eastern Jerusalem, has been arrested on suspicion of swindling sixteen elderly people and charging them thousands of shekels for fixing fictitious malfunction in their vehicles.

In the course of the investigation, the police examined the suspect’s patterns. He would drive around looking for elderly people, then claim to be a car mechanic and “find a malfunction” with their vehicles.

After gaining their trust, the suspect would create the impression of a malfunction by pouring water on the engine to “show” that there was a leak or disconnection of one of the cables.

According to the suspicion, the suspect would then demand thousands of shekels in cash from the elderly, with the commitment to repair their vehicles, only to disappear without carrying out the supposed repairs.

As the investigation was being revealed yesterday, police investigators arrested the suspect in his car on suspicion of committing the offenses. He was arrested for questioning on suspicion of fraud, forgery, theft, and other offenses.

The suspect’s vehicle was seized for a full inspection, and the suspect was brought to court this morning as the police requested an extend his detention.

The police managed to recover the full amount lost in the first case they were made aware of.

They went to the elderly man’s house to personally return his money.

“I am very happy and appreciate the policemen. I do not know how you managed to get to him, he is probably a crook,” said the elderly man.